Our paint preparation facilities and painting equipment provide the means to add a professional finish to your product. We fill and seal, mask as necessary, and paint and texture to the most exacting specifications. The finish is then baked on according to the paint manufacturer's specifications providing a durable finish.

Our paint room, equipped with a positive atmospheric air flow environment, can apply both durable liquid and powder coat finishes to your product. Careful handling throughout the manufacturing process allows us to provide finished parts that we are proud of. We will work closely with you to achieve the color and texture that you desire.

  • Devilbiss spray paint guns and accessories.
  • (2) Paint booths (for powder or liquid applications).
  • Liquid and powder paint.
  • Red Comet 500 degree paint oven (336 cu. ft.).
  • Binks 500 degree "pass through" paint oven (672 cu. ft.)
  • Air filtered, positive air pressure, enclosed paint room.